Prairie Wolf Press is an online anthology, annually publishing the new works of both emerging and established literary and visual artists.

A prairie wolf breathes, inhaling the positive energy enfolding each of us, exhaling intentionally-shaped howls to mindfully, helpfully balance its world.

We three, your editors, are proud to initiate this adventure.

We embrace the howling animal.


Your Editors:

j.d. daniels, prose editor

j.d daniels` fiction and poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including: The Broad River Review, The Sylvan Echo, The Elkhorn Review, Doorknobs & BodyPaint Fantastic Flash Fiction:  An Anthology and riverbabble.  She received a prize for poetry from Emerson College/Cambridge University, is a recipient of an Iowa Arts Council grant and is listed in the Iowa Arts Directory and with The Iowa Center of the Book.  Her book, The Old Wolf Lady: A Biography is sold in several bookstores online and in Prairie Lights.  She was awarded her doctoral degree for her collection of poems, Currents That Puncture.


I like to be hooked from the first sentence on.  I also love: Writing infused with voice and energy and edge.  Writing that explores, creates pictures, takes risks and leaves me thinking:  Wow!  Or, thank you.  Or, I never thought about it like that.

Marjorie Carlson-Davis, prose editor

Marjorie Carlson Davis’ work has appeared in many commercial and literary publications, including Stories from Where We Live: The Great Lakes (Milkweed Press, 2003), Conscious Choice Magazine, Many Mountains Moving, Indianapolis Monthly, and Hiss Quarterly. Short stories of hers won 2nd place in the 2007 Family Circle Fiction Contest and the 2008 AKC Gazette Fiction Contest. Her novel, A Little Menagerie, was a top 100 finalist in the 2007 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Her second novel for young adults, Still Life With Coyote, is with an agent seeking a publisher. Visit her website at marjoriecarlsondavis.com

Place and description are important to me. I want to see, hear, and experience a story while reading. I respond to writing that feels alive, where the writer has tapped into creative energy, and developed real characters, a vivid sense of place, and unique, lively language.

W. Michael Sinclair, poetry and media editor

I like the sort of poetry that the New Yorker rejects.
I like lines that stick in my head, and themes that remain to ruminate as I’m mowing the grass ditches

Poetry or Prose?
Poetry is voice-driven and carefully paced.  There is an unspoken vow that poets tell the truth, without ego-centric manipulations, the purpose of most prose: to assert power, however subtly, over others.
The poet defers, even when raging or in a panic, to the reader.


Prairie Wolf Press values the density of language, the impact of the wisely considered word.

We are accepting submissions from September 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010.

All submissions to Prairie Wolf Press must be one-thousand or fewer words in length.

Send your work to the relevant editor in .doc or .pdf formats.

Send us your best work: judge for yourself.

All future rights to material published in Prairie Wolf Press are retained by the individual authors and artists.

Address all submissions and correspondence to:


Until I figure out how to make the link active, please copy and paste into the address field of your e-mail server, including “poetry,” “prose,” or “media” in your subject heading.